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Muhammad Hashim

A holy month of Ramadan is just few days away. It’s a spiritual practice for Muslims but other than the Islamic spirits in it, we have many scientific benefits too. To make your Ramadan more special choose the Best Hajj Umrah Company and get a memorable journey with Al Hijaz Tours. Fasting is a norm for religious practice which is acquired by Muslims across the world. Now apparently it’s like staying hungry and avoiding sins throughout the hours of fasting. In other routines we are always found snacking and gaining obesity.

But in the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise till the sunset. It leads them to a better life style. Fasting is like a blessing of Allah which makes us fit and fine. There are many medical benefits of fasting, other than less consumption of water, every diet is balanced. Your digestion system responds completely fine. It gives you more energy and helps you in losing weight too. The formula of eat less but often is completely wrong. I believe it should be like eat two times a day and eat healthy and don’t forget to exercise. It gives you a proper routine and helps you in getting things done more attentively. There are many diseases like kidney stones and diabetes where patients are not allowed to fast. It is because the sugar level can go low and less consumption of water can lead to other problems.

Fasting is an act of worship, which reward is promised by Allah. It is a spiritual act which teaches us patience and keeps us away from the sins like backbiting, lies, dishonesty and it is when we have to fight against the real demons that live inside us.

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